Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Jake + Brenda

This is the third wedding I've done for the Bosscher family...I love this family like my own!
Jake, the youngest of the siblings, along with his lovely bride Brenda, decided to have a reverse ceremony. Until this weekend, I had never photographed or even heard of a reverse ceremony. First, there was dinner, then cocktail/social hour, and then the ceremony at sunset followed by dancing and more fun.  I have to say, it made for a very relaxed day...for everyone. Better yet, Brenda paid $7 for her dress, Jake handmade her ring, and the event was in Jake's parents backyard.

Homemade pies!

the ceremony was way up on the hill overlooking the farm

 my main flash didn't fire but, it made for a fun shot.
her flowers were from the farmers market 

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Taylor wedding

Charlie and Amanda have been together for 13 years!

They had a laid back ceremony that Mother Nature decided to interrupt with a massive downpour. We all took cover in the hall and I patiently waiting for the rain to stop before taking everyone back outside for formals. At the time, I was a little annoyed with the post-rain humidity because it was now muggy and buggy. However, looking through the photos, I realize that the humidity made for a nice hazy backdrop.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Claire - senior session

I was so excited when I met Claire for this senior session. She is so photogenic and easy to work with. With overcast skies acting like a giant diffuser for the afternoon sun, I had great light. I had been to this location before for weddings so I knew the lay of the land. However, I found some cool spots that I had overlooked before.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Stella + family

The forecast was calling for rain so we met at Frederick Meijer Gardens in case we needed an indoor spot for photos. This was a good plan since it was a little warm that day. We mostly stayed indoors and the light was actually better than it was outside. I had so much fun working with Stella...she is so darn cute and almost too smart for her own good. I followed her around as she was having fun being a kid.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Abby and Olive

A couple of very good friends are getting ready to sell their house and wanted some photos of their two daughters inside the house as a sort of keepsake from their first home together. I thought this was an excellent idea even though shooting indoors can be a challenge sometimes.

I did things a little differently this time. I ditched the flash, I don’t like the way it flattens everything and casts harsh shadows. I also didn’t worry so much about having the perfect composition or making sure everyone was smiling. Instead I just sort of followed them around with my camera. I opened the aperture way up and let the light spill into the frame.

I was excited with the results. These two little girls are so darn cute; makes me look forward to having kids of my own someday!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Anna and Will

Last but certainly not least…this was my last wedding of 2015. Anna and Will tied the knot at North Blendon Church in Hudsonville. I met Anna through her dad. Her dad and I have been on some of the same group bike rides, but had never formally met. He asked some of his riding friends for recommendations on a photographer for his daughter's special day and they referred me! It was such a pleasure meeting both families. Anna and Will were so easy to work with and so calm. I don't think I've ever seen a couple so relaxed on their wedding day.
It was a little dreary in the morning but, about an hour before the ceremony…the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day!
I asked what made them want to be married in December and Anna told me she knew the church would be decorated for Christmas which takes the guesswork out of decorating. How brilliant!

Here's a few shots from this weekend

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rick & Phil!

My very good friends Rick and Phil told me they were getting married next year and wanted me to be their photographer! Eek, I was so ecstatic, words cannot describe. We met up for an engagement photo session this weekend and, honestly, I wasn't sure I was ready. This was the first time I've ever photographed a same-sex couple and I adore these two so much…I didn't want to screw this up. However, they compliment each other so much that as soon I arrived at the location, I immediately started shooting and I found ways to capture their personalities and love for each other without being too cheesy. 

After spending a bit of time in Eastmanville, we worked our way to downtown Grand Rapids to a really cool spot that Rick suggested and I think it will be my favorite urban backdrop from now on! I forgot my step stool, so I improvised and used the trunk of my car to stand on to get just the right angle!

Through the lens, I learned about them that day and feel honored to be a part of their journey. I am so very excited for these two and cannot wait until September 2016 when I get to be the photographer for the best wedding ever!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Holly - senior session

Every once in a while, you get someone so photogenic, you don't want to stop shooting. That was me today working with Holly. I don't do senior photos often so I was excited to me this young gal and even more excited when I saw her. She's naturally gorgeous and full of life.
I tend to schedule most of my photo sessions in late afternoon because of the variation and direction of the light. Well, tonight, I was shooting until after the sun went down because I enjoyed working with Holly so much. She did not have an agenda, she just let me do my thing. I had so much fun. We walked around downtown and made a pit stop at the Amway Grand so she could change outfits and fix her hair. At one point, I insisted on this a pose that I am fairly certain she was not in favor of but, I finally talked her into it. A few shots later, I turned the back of the camera toward her so she could see a preview and she lit up. I think, at that point, she became as excited as I was. 
Normally, I don't post a blog the same day of a shoot but, I couldn't help myself.